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“Jessica is amazing to work with; she helped us move towards independent sleep by setting us up for success with a simple, yet effective, plan! She has been super helpful troubleshooting our nap schedule and used a customized, empathetic approach to help us get our baby sleeping great.”

Chloe's Mama

You’re told your baby needs to eat every 2-3 hours, but what about how much your baby should be sleeping? 


After talking with Jessica, we felt so much more confident in how to structure those first newborn weeks into babyhood. She demystifies wake ups, sleep cycles and provides a tailor-made schedule for your baby.

Baby boy, Matthew, sleeping
Working with Jessica was absolutely incredible! She helped get our little boy sleeping through the night with an individualized plan that truly changed our lives. She made us feel comfortable with every strategy we tried and we felt confident knowing what we were doing was best for our little guy.
When the dreaded 4 month sleep regression hit us, Jessica was there to provide us with support in getting our son to sleep and not add back in the sleep associations we had broken. Following Jessica’s plan we saw fewer wakeups and more sleep
Sweet baby frankie playing in his crib

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