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My Sleep Product Recommendations


Unfortunately so much is out there that makes parents feel like they NEED to get every product or try the latest invention in order to help their little ones sleep better. It's simply not the case. It does not have to be expensive! Here are a few items that are personally essential to me and they are inexpensive (minus my baby monitor, of course).

1 - Pajamas and a sleep sack (or swaddle)

There are so many possibilities here and you'll find what works best. Always ensure your baby is dressed appropriate for the weather and you are only using a swaddle for the newborn days and before your baby can roll. Below are a couple of swaddles, transition sleep sacks, and regular sleep sacks that I personal use.

2 - A Good Night Diaper (yes, even for naps)

While these diapers do cost a little bit more worth it is definitely worth it if it means more SLEEP. You don't need a wet diaper being the cause of an unnecessary wake up. I personally love the Huggies diapers, even their regular ones operate as a 12-hour diaper in my mind!

3 - Sound Machine

A sound machine my very favorite sleep product and so essential to helping your little one learn to sleep. I have them EVERYWHERE. We use our Homedics for the bedroom and then have travel ones all over the car, stroller, diaper bag, etc.

4 - Pacifier

This is really dependent on your little one, but during the newborn phase I like to incorporate a pacifier to help extend sleep or soothe. It can be a great tool to helping your little one sleep longer. A pacifier can become a problem so another topic of discussion will be around how to support if this becomes a sleep prop and how to transition away from the pacifier when it is time.

5 - Red Light Bulb

Such a simple adjustment but has huge benefits! Everything about your sleep routines should be calming and predictable. I like using the red light for sleep routine and for when I'm waking my little ones up.

6 - Video Monitor

Its extremely helpful to be able to watch how your little one puts themselves to sleep and how they wake up. A lot of times we quickly rush in at the first noise and they aren't actually awake. Being able to see them lets you know they are safe and you can monitor how their behavior relates to sleep to better adjust your approach.

Hope these recommendations help. Feel free to DM me for direct questions about any product specifically!

Affiliate links are included above. Best Little Sleeper earns a small commission when you purchase through these links with no cost to you. We so appreciate your support.

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